$ 59.00
Metal Finish:

Details: Lightweight, fun and versatile, these Azurite earrings have one strand with stone in the front and another one that connects to the earring backing. 

The first strand is 1 1/2 inches and the second is 3 inches.

Why we call this piece SEER? Seers connect with the divine intelligence and inner vision to give guidance and awareness that others may not be able to see. Let these earrings be a remind to take time to quiet the noise of the head space and go within to hear with clarity any guidance or insight from divine intelligence.

Stone Meaning: Azurite is a grounding stone that helps us anchor into Mother Earth energy while aligning with our inner vision and intuitive gifts. This stone assists in embodying your inner mystic with clarity and insight while activating psychic abilities without the personality of the ego taking over.

Purpose of this piece: Clears negative thoughts, feelings, stress and confusion. Helps open the mind to retain new information as well as creates clarity and focus to assist in opening the doorway to your spiritual gifts and talents connecting to inner vision and higher guidance.

Works with what Chakras: Sacral, 3rd eye, Crown

Who needs this piece? The seer’s, mystics, and creatives

This piece works well with: Rose gold, Charoite, Larimar


Please Note*

Every piece is hand-made by Robyn Rhodes, and orders can take up to 3-4 weeks to produce. Choosing expedited shipping will only decrease your shipping time, not the time that it takes to make the jewelry. If you need something made in a rush, please contact

* all of our jewelry is composed of either gold filled or sterling silver chain and findings. If an item has an engraved stone, that stone has copper around it, and is electroplated with 14k gold or sterling silver.