Ptesan Wi

$ 106.00

These unique Ptesan Wi earrings are perfect for adding a fun accent to any outfit. With double amazonite stones and hand wired tear drop hoops, these earrings measure 2 1/2 inches for a subtle, yet eye-catching look.

Why we call this style Ptesan Wi- She is the divine Cosmic Goddess of the Lakota Native Amerian tribe. Said to come from the stars with wisdom to teach the planet to bring sacred back to the Earth.  Wear these and be the Earth Keeper on the planet and bring sacred back to Mother Earth. 


Amazonite Mantra:

Goddesses of speech, communication, expression, telepathy. 

The highest level of language with crystal clear purpose. (internal and external) Supports letting go of negative fear-based thoughts and self-talk. 

I speak my truth.

I express my worthiness.

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