$ 96.00

Introducing the Phythia earrings, a beautiful and timeless design inspired by vintage styles. These double headed snake stud earrings are crafted from Amazonite spears, eyes are sparkling with clear crystals, and measure 2 inches long. Elevate any look with the unique and timeless design of the Phythia earrings. 

Why we call this style
Phythia- Dragoness Pythia was the name of the high priestess of the Temple of Apollo at Delpi. She specifically served as its oracle and was known as the Oracle of Delphi. She was the equivalent of a female pope and her mystery school Priestesshood maintained and guarded the dragon ley lines on the Earth. She also taught her students that to know God they must first know themselves. Wear this stone to make an action to carve out time for your spiritual practice and self-reflection

Amazonite Mantra:

Goddesses of speech, communication, expression, telepathy. 

The highest level of language with crystal clear purpose. (internal and external) Supports letting go of negative fear-based thoughts and self-talk. 

I Speak my truth.

I express my worthiness.

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