$ 49.00

The Shakti bracelet features two layers of elegant chains, adorned with genuine labradorite or amazonite stones, plus a Labradorite or Sunstone stone on the second layer. Crafted with attention to detail, this bracelet is perfect for any occasion. 

Why we call this style Shakti:  She was a Hindu goddess supreme with multifaceted power. Call on Shakti to embody your feminine energy at its most supreme.

Labradorite Mantra:

Goddesses of beauty, love, pleasure, sacred union, and passion

Snake, dragon, and moon goddesses

I see my truth.

I experience my worthiness.

Sunstone Mantra:

Goddesses of fire, eternal flame, fire of the earth, transformation, alchemy, and magic

I feel my truth. 

I embody my worthiness.

Amazonite Mantra:

Goddesses of speech, communication, expression, telepathy. 

The highest level of language with crystal clear purpose. (internal and external) Supports letting go of negative fear-based thoughts and self-talk. 

I Speak my truth.

I express my worthiness.

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