$ 65.00

Vega is a stylish hand chain made from high-grade curb chain accented with lapis stones. Perfect for those with a passion for fashion, Vega lets you channel your inner Cleopatra with lasting luxury and modern style. This hand chain is adjustable.

Why this style is called
Vega- Vega is the brightest star in the constellation of Lyria known as “the messenger of Light.” I can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere almost overhead most summer nights. It is a cosmic frequency that holds a spiritual vibration of divine wisdom, love, and enhanced psychic abilities. Vega starseeds have strong psychic abilities, especially clairaudience, and can see energy or chakras. Call on the energy of this star to support you in embodying your healing and psychic abilities.

Lapis Mantra:

Goddesses of insight and wisdom. 

Oracles, mystics goddesses

I know my truth.

I embrace my worthiness.


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