$ 53.00


Introducing Lyria, the sophisticated hand chain made with a marquis shaped lapis stone and two-inch adjustable chain in the back to ensure the perfect fit.  Add a touch of elegance to any ensemble with Lyria and express your distinct fashion sense.

Why we call this style
Lyria- is an ancient civilization with two stars in the Lyra system, Vega and Altair. Lyran starseeds are often here to inspire others to realize their true purpose and help humanity to evolve, recognizing that we are all the same source of energy. Lyran starseeds are known for their healing and wisdom. Call on the stars to support you with knowing your soul purpose and personal mission.

Lapis Mantra:

Goddesses of insight and wisdom. 

Oracles, mystics goddesses

I know my truth.

I embrace my worthiness.

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