$ 63.00

Details: Beauty and elegance wrapped around your neck with this Kunzite stone wire choker necklace.  So lightweight, you are not going to know that you are wearing it!

Necklace is slightly adjustable and stone is approximately 3/4 inch around.  This raw exquisite Kunzite stone is organic and will vary in shape and color.  

Why we call this piece SERENITY?  Well it is the perfect piece to help us see beyond our self created limitations and the illusions that keep our light dim. We have the ability to transform our fears into love through the heart lens. It is only through the head lens of our egos, fears, worries. and self doubts that we limit our true potential. Aligned with the higher heart, breathe in the healing rays of the Kunzite with sacred intention to transform and transcend any fears of being seen or heard back into Serenity. 

Stone Meaning: The Kunzite stone is the embodiment of divine love. It stands for joy and shows us how to open our heart and truly receive  it from the divine within. It also reclaims the self as a healer and a divine alchemist being able to transmute our lower vibrational  thoughts, feelings,  old beliefs through higher consciousness to create healing. It is also the best stone to be given as a gift!

The purpose of this piece: Kunzite activates the heart center to open the temple of the inner self in order to receive love from self, others, and Mother Earth.  This stone helps us shift how we perceive through the heart lens, sharing this new view with the mind to aid in gently removing any fears, doubts, or mistrusts in receiving from others. This also assists in soothing the body's nervous system and creates a sense of calm.

Works with what Chakras: Heart, Higher Heart, Solar Plexus

Who needs this piece: The Healers

Other stones that this piece works well with: Azurite, Charoite, and Garnet

Please Note*

Every piece is hand-made by Robyn Rhodes, and orders can take up to 3-4 weeks to produce. Choosing expedited shipping will only decrease your shipping time, not the time that it takes to make the jewelry. If you need something made in a rush, please contact

* all of our jewelry is composed of either gold filled or sterling silver chain and findings. If an item has an engraved stone, that stone has copper around it, and is electroplated with 14k gold or sterling silver. 

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