$ 77.00

Featuring a double triple-stacked sunstone design, the Freya ring will add a sparkling accent to any look. Crafted using carefully selected sunstone stones, the beautifully varied colors of shades of orange will add dimension and interest. Stacking up to one inch on each side, its bold and unique design is sure to turn heads.


Why we call this style Freya: She is Norse Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and sexuality. Feya is also known for being a sedir or seeing and influencing the future with her skills of divination. Allow this ring to empower you to stand strong in the light of your own soul fire not dimming yourself for anyone.

Sunstone Mantra:

Goddesses of fire, eternal flame, fire of the earth, transformation, alchemy, and magic

I feel my truth. 

I embody my worthiness.

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