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Details: Beautiful Larimar oval stone encased in a twisted wire band.  Stone is 1/2 around. Stones will vary is size, shape and coloring.

Why we call this piece MINTAKA? Mintaka is the name of the seventh brightest star in the constellation Orion. Awakening with the planet, this star system of Orion is also known to be home of the original lightworkers. Filled with the light of crystal clear waters, this ring invites intention to see the divine beauty in all.

How to wear this piece: Invite the hands to rest one on top of the other at heart center. Breathe in the light blue ray of Larimar into the inner temple to attune to the peace and tranquility of home.

Stone Meaning: Larimar is a very nurturing and sacred stone of the divine feminine. It aids in relaxation and soothes the emotional body, creates confidence, and connects the colors of the sea and sky energies together. It aligns with the voice of soul and allows for clear and heart centered boundaries to be heard by others.

Larimar teaches us how to fill up one’s own inner well in a way that they can feel self loved and nourished without feeling depleted. Larimar assists in using our spiritual lens to see divine beauty within all.

Purpose of this piece: To create balance and harmony within and align with your highest potential as a sacred leader, teacher, or light worker. Empowerment. Deep sacred feminine Dynasty remembered and embodiment of the living goddess. Clears deep emotional patterns, is a “birthing stone” for ease and grace with bringing new creations into matter. Aids in relief in panic attacks and phobias.

Works with what Chakras:  Throat (helps to unleash the voice deep from within)

Who needs this piece: Leaders, teachers, and light worker

Other stones this piece works well with:  Kunzite and Charoite


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Please Note*

Every piece is hand-made by Robyn Rhodes, and orders can take up to 3-4 weeks to produce. Choosing expedited shipping will only decrease your shipping time, not the time that it takes to make the jewelry. If you need something made in a rush, please contact

* all of our jewelry is composed of either gold filled or sterling silver chain and findings. If an item has an engraved stone, that stone has copper around it, and is electroplated with 14k gold or sterling silver. 

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