$ 76.00


Durga is a stunning ring featuring stacked Sunstone along its length. Each stone is carefully selected for its remarkable shape and natural coloration, so no two rings are the same. Sunstone is known for its spiritual healing properties, making it perfect for anyone looking to enhance their wellbeing. Each stone 1/2 inch long  

Why we call this style D
urga- She is the Lioness goddess of wisdom and discernment. Embody these beauties to invoke the fire within of burning away what no longer serves your highest self.  Allow this warrioress to lead you with confidence your truth and knowing saying no to what no longer serves and Yes to only what lights you up

Sunstone Mantra:

Goddesses of fire, eternal flame, fire of the earth, transformation, alchemy, and magic

I feel my truth. 

I embody my worthiness.

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