What makes our earrings stand out is that they look heavy, but are super light-- it is the little things in life, right?!  We have an earring for every hole in your ear, so have a blast searching through our collections... and remember, you can adjust almost anything, so don't be shy if you want to change something when ordering!!
Fall Winter 2017

Fall Winter 2017

Alexa - RobynRhodes




Introducing a jewelry collection that's as reliable as your morning coffee and as stylish as Rebecca Wattenschaidt's impeccable taste.

Crafted from stainless steel with the Midas touch of gold or silver plating, these pieces are your daily glam accomplices. It's like having a personal stylist, and by stylist, we mean the fabulous Mommy In Heels herself, Rebecca! Her knack for all things chic turns this collection into your go-to glam squad for everyday elegance.

We wanted to create a pieces that screamed glamour without the "ouch" to your wallet! Our collection, curated with love and a sprinkle of frugality, ensures every piece is a steal at $50 and under. So, whether you're conquering the boardroom or brunching with pals, rock these accessories and let your style reign supreme!




The Holidays are not easy!!  So we have put together 10 different sets that are going to help you stay cool, calm and collected through the rest of this year and beyond!  

Think of yourself as the
“Peaceful Warrior” when wearing any of these great 10 looks and with the specific mantras that go with them, you can get through anything this holiday season. You’ve got this and we’ve got you covered!

Scarlet - RobynRhodes

Girl Boss Collection

For Oct 16th all day only



Cute trendy necklaces and rings that you can layer.  Neutral, white and gray color stones.  Short and long necklaces for women. We show you how to layer jewelry.

Limitless Collection

The combinations of jewelry from this collection are limitless, just like you.  Fine gold and silver chains and organic metal encased stones.  Layer up or just wear a single piece.  You are a powerful goddess with style that has no boundaries.


The best styles for all your necklace needs.  Long, short, and multi-layered necklaces-- we have them all!  You can get creative and create your mulit-layered look or we have styles where the layering is done for you!  Have fun and get your sparkle on!
Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

Perfect for the person that has everything!  Special personalized items for you or someone you love to wear everyday!!  
Please note these are all customized pieces and can take up to 3-4 weeks to ship.  These pieces are non-refundable and no exchanges will be accepted. 


By definition, Radiance is a type of glowing: either from a light source like the sun or a beaming person.  The sun radiates light, and bright objects that give off light rays have a quality that we call RADIANCE. 
Express your RADIANCE with our latest collection, made from Kyanite, Rhodochrosite, and Red Jasper stones. Feel deeply grounded with the serenity each of the stones brings, and let their healing energy brighten your days. Each handcrafted piece promotes self-love and is an intentional reminder that you have the power to SHINE.

We think you’re magnificent. Now it’s time for you to show the world!
Best affordable designer jewelry los angeles

Ready To Ship!

Pulled from the archives, sample sales and non damaged returns these items are ready to ship so no time wasted waiting for your item to be made. Best affordable jewelry! Shop our favorite readymades at a fraction of the price. Items will ship within 48 hours of purchase!


REDISCOVER your style.
RESET your perspective.
RESTORE your essence.
About The Collection:
This collection is all about rediscovering YOU after the pandemic and how to find YOUR personal style AGAIN.  A lot of people lost a lot of themselves during the pandemic, so we wanted to come up with a collection that can help you RECLAIM your style.
Your job may have changed. You may have moved. You may not have to get dressed up everyday.  You feel your current wardrobe doesn’t fit your current lifestyle... but where do you begin?  We got you covered. We have enlisted our dear friend and style guru, blogger and fashion influencer Rebecca Wattenschaidt (@mommyinheels), to not only show you easy ways to change your look, but even better, update your look using pieces our latest collection.
Our RECLAIM collection will help you discover your new style.  You do not need a whole new wardrobe.  You just need a few clothing staples, a few new accessories and some essential tips on how to put it all together.  
From Our Collaborator: Rebecca Wattenschaidt

I started blogging in 2012 (at 7 months pregnant!) as a way to share my daily outfits. It was just a simple hobby at the time, something that forced me to get dressed and do her hair and makeup every day. I love sharing my favorite style and beauty finds and inspiring women to find different ways of wearing pieces so they can get more wear out of what is in their closet. That's why it was a no-brainer to collaborate with Robyn for this new RECLAIM COLLECTION.

I really wanted to style this collection so it was easy and FUN to add  jewelry to your daily looks! I promise you, it doesn’t have to be that hard! There isn’t a need to buy a whole new wardrobe (although how fun is that??)-it can be as simple as accessorizing!

When I was styling this collection with Robyn, I knew I had to include my personal love of mixing metals and textures.  It's so easy to do and more importantly, it gives your overall outfit some dimension and elevates your look in an effortless looking way. Layering is also a really fun and easy way to work with your current wardrobe and make it feel like new. That’s why this new collection has so many easy layering pieces.  We felt necklaces were such an easy place to start when layering-be sure to add some more delicate chains to the mix for some balance.

Hope you enjoy what we came up with and few parting words of advice before you go and hit the town... don’t be afraid to add and take away, try new styles and add some fun elements-you’ll be surprised at how easily accessories can take your clothes from an outfit to a whole look.

the best jewelry to wear to the beach and in the sun for women.  Turquiose and rose quartz jewelry with gold earrings and necklaces.  Dainty and classic gold and silver jewelry.

Resilience Collection


Best selection of very simple and crazy big stone rings!!  What makes our jewelry brand stand out is that you can almost design your rings!  We make every piece from scratch.  We offer adjustable and sized band rings.  If you like a stone but you want it on a different band, please let us know!  We can also send you pictures of stones if you want to choose what stone speaks to you!  Have fun and RING ON!

***We do make Custom Sizes!! So just let us know in the notes section at checkout if you need a size not shown in drop down menu.
Jonell - RobynRhodes


Robyn Rhodes Celebrity Style

Shop our favorite items worn by Celebrities! 
Use code: RR20 for 20% off all this entire collection!