$ 105.00

These Quetzalcoatl earrings are the perfect accessory for anyone looking for a layered, trendy style. Made with post closures and accented chain for double piercing, the earrings feature lapis cube stones measuring 1/8 inch around. The unique design creates a stylish, timeless look.

Why this style is called
Quetzalcoatl- This feathered winged serpent known across Mesoamerican religions, came from the Pleiadean star system and brought wisdom to their people.  Known as the “Teacher” and associated with the planet Venus, taught them the way to advance their culture of living human and divine. The students became shaman priests and priestesses who spread knowledge and teachings to others across the world. Wear these beauties to remind you of your ancient connection to the stars and channel the infinite wisdom of a leader that is needed on this planet right now.

Lapis Mantra:

Goddesses of insight and wisdom. 

Oracles, mystics goddesses

I know my truth.

I embrace my worthiness.

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