Quan Yin

$ 79.00

This exquisite Quan Yin necklace features a stunning 1-inch amazonite oval stone and a 2 inch gold tube above it, set in the style of Cleopatra. Add a touch of regal elegance to any look with this timeless piece.

Why we call this style Quan Yin-
She is a Chinese Bodhisattva, a female Buddha of great compassion is almost always depicted riding on the back of 2 pink dragons. She is also Goddess Tara in Tibetan culture and Mother Mary in Christianity. Allow this necklace to sit over the heart and open up your voice to speak compassion and love to yourself and others. Feel your radiance as you wear it.


Amazonite Mantra:

Goddesses of speech, communication, expression, telepathy. 

The highest level of language with crystal clear purpose. (internal and external) Supports letting go of negative fear-based thoughts and self-talk. 

I speak my truth.

I express my worthiness.

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