$ 75.00
Metal Finish:
16 inches
18 inches
20 inches
22 inches

Discover timeless beauty with Hur's necklace featuring small round labradorite stones united by a hand-hammered double bar with a unique linked chain. Make a lasting impression with this piece, crafted with precision and care.

Why we call this style Hur:
Hur- Nin-Hur-Sag or “Hur” for short,  is the sacred womb dragon of the underworld. Daughter of Nammu. She gave birth to the Queen of the Sacred HUR-(womb). Symbolized the elements of fire and earth, lived deep inside the Earth’s womb, and became the ancient grandmother of the Sumerian goddess of Love, Inanna/Ishtar. (Queen of the Night!!) Follow your bliss with the fire embodied in this necklace as it is a reminder to honor your sacred sovereign sensuality.

Labradorite Mantra

Goddesses of beauty, love, pleasure, sacred union, and passion

Snake, dragon, and moon goddesses

I see my truth.

I experience my worthiness.