$ 65.00

This elegant Nephthys pendant features a dazzling diamond-shaped wire pendant encased with lapis cubes, suspended from a lightweight and delicate chain. The perfect accessory to add subtly sophisticated charm to any look!

Why we call this style
Nephthys- She is the sister of the Egyptian Goddess Isis and is known more for her shadow side of the transformation cycle.  Nephthys is a protective goddess who symbolizes the death or the shadowwork of what old patterns, thoughts, or beliefs need to be let go to create more light in our lives. Wear this sacred piece to protect and support you in releasing what no longer serves knowing you are creating room for more of what calls you to your purpose with joy and pleasure.

Lapis Mantra:

Goddesses of insight and wisdom. 

Oracles, mystics goddesses

I know my truth.

I embrace my worthiness.

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