$ 98.00

The Isis necklace is a bold statement piece of jewelry that features a large lapis tower pendant with a toggle closure and a 38 inch chain. This necklace can be worn long or doubled up to create a layered aesthetic. The coloration of the lapis pendant varies and it measures 2 inches in length.

Why we call this style
Isis- It means “throne.” The Egyptian winged goddess is associated with the snake, healing, transformation, magic, fertility, and wisdom. Isis and her Mystery schools taught the Sacred Feminine Arts of healing, divinity, transformation, and channeling with earth and sky. Isis is all about the embodiment of your truth, worthiness, and voice to remember your power and magic. This beautiful piece can act as a temple body adornment for the most regal queens to take their rightful throne over their own authority or the necklace can act as a beautiful totem on an altar to connect to your divine worthiness.

Lapis Mantra:

Goddesses of insight and wisdom. 

Oracles, mystics goddesses

I know my truth.

I embrace my worthiness.

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