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Named after the Japanese mountaineer Junko Tabei, who became the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest, and in the 1990s the first woman to climb all Seven Summits (the highest peaks on every continent).


We beyond love her slogan: 'Do not give up. Keep on your quest.' So it was only fitting to name this 4 stone ring after her.  Stones gently crawl up you finger like you when you climb up and down a mountain.  Each stone is 1/4 inch around and ring is available in Amethyst or Citrine.


Common Healing Properties of Citrine:

Increases creativity
Shields your energy body from outside energies
Activates your intuition
Supports you as you work to manifest abundance, wealth, and prosperity
Encourages sharing
Promotes happiness and joy
Increases your self-esteem and confidence
Encourages a positive attitude
Enhances your focus and concentration
Supports you as you work to overcome your fears
Increases ease of communication
Balances your emotions
Instills inner-strength and inner power

MANTRA: I fully embrace my courage, confidence, success and self-worth


Healing properties and powers of Amethyst:

Natural tranquilizer:
Amethyst activates spiritual awareness
Enhances sobriety
Insomnia relief
Boosting the immune system
Balances emotions
Stimulates new ideas
Reduces negative energy
Helps with decision making

MANTRA: I quiet my thoughts and listen to my intuition.


As seen on Rachel Recchia on the Bachelorette


Please Note*

Every piece is hand-made by Robyn Rhodes, and orders can take up to 3-4 weeks to produce. Choosing expedited shipping will only decrease your shipping time, not the time that it takes to make the jewelry. If you need something made in a rush, please contact customerservice@robynrhodes.com. 

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