Calming Vibes Set 2

$ 142.00

What an incredible set— this is our Calming Vibes mantra:

“ I am calm, centered, and balanced within my temple body”

Why we put these pieces together:  

Bring more joy and inner peace to your holiday this season with Warrior and Harmony! These beauties will work together  to sooth the nervous system and align the heart and head as you deal with those difficult situations. Helping you keep your emotions in balance, these crystals will remind you to see the bigger picture and not let your emotions take over. Think of them like a nice little cocktail that will help take the edge off of any stressful situation!

All pieces are sold together, no substitutions.  Be sure to select you metal finish and ring sizes below.

Check out our YouTube with Molly explaining this set:


Warrior: If you want bold and stunning, this is your ring!! Triple stacked Chariote stone ring is 100% unique, just like you.  Each stone will vary in coloring, but ring with 3 stones will be 1.5 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.

Harmony (Larimar): Cutest hoop earrings that go both in front and in back of your ear!  Hoop is 1/2 inch around.  Stone is 1/4 inch around.

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