$ 65.00

Introducing the Caroline: a unique pair of stud earrings that offer the best of both worlds! They provide a timelessly classic look in the front with a bold and fun pop of color in the back. The 1/2" red jasper is sure to make a statement, while the medium paperclip chains hanging behind the ear add an edgy touch. Perfect for all occasions!

Healing Properties of Red Jasper
♥ Relaxation ♥ Contentment ♥ Compassion ♥ Nurturing ♥ Consolation ♥ Tranquility ♥ Healing ♥ Completion
Red Jasper is gently stimulating and also an extremely protective stone.  It rectifies unjust situations and grounds energy.  Brings problems to light and provides insights into difficult situations and calms emotions.

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