Confidence Vibes Set 1

$ 142.00
Metal Finish:

What an incredible set! Here is our Confidence Vibes mantra:

“ Breath is my light tool back to the center of my true self. I am supported, held, and nurtured.  I can do this!”

Why we put these pieces together:  

When we know we are supported we can accomplish anything. Let yourself be heard and seen this holiday! It’s easy to be your most authentic self and stand in the light of your own fire when you Unleash the energy of your inner Priestess expanding within you. You’ve got this!  Wear this set to tap into your higher guidance and envision how you want your holiday season to go. Embrace your most divine self doing it with grace and confidence! You are limitless!

All pieces are sold together, no substitutions.  Be sure to select you metal finish below.

Check out our YouTube video with Molly explaining this set:


Priestess: Overlapped magnetic Larimar stone cuff.  So fun and easy to wear!  Bracelet will fit up to size 7 wrist.  Stones will vary is size, shape and coloring.

Unleashed: You will be unleashed when you adorn these earrings!! Step outside the norm with these uneven medium paperclip chain stud earrings.  One strand is in front of the ear and the second is secured behind the ear. Lightweight with the shorter strand is 1.25 inches long and the second strand, behind the ear is 2 inches long.