$ 85.00

Enhance your style with our Carnelian and Gold Bar Adjustable Ring. The 3/4 inch Carnelian stone, varying in color, is paired with a 1/2 inch gold bar for a unique and versatile accessory. Adjust to your desired fit for effortless elegance.

ARIES Crystal: Carnelian

As the zodiac’s first sign, Aries is the sign of the bold and courageous leader.

Ruled by Mars, the God of War, Aries receives Carnelian as its new era birthstone, a vibrant and energizing gem that invokes courage, strength, confidence, and self direction to those who wear it.

Please Note*

Every piece is hand-made by Robyn Rhodes, and orders can take up to 3-4 weeks to produce. Choosing expedited shipping will only decrease your shipping time, not the time that it takes to make the jewelry. If you need something made in a rush, please contact 

* all of our jewelry is composed of either 14k gold filled or sterling silver chain and findings. If an item has an engaged stone in a ring, bracelet or earring, that stone has copper around it, and is electroplated with 14k gold or sterling silver. Our ring bands are brass with 14k or sterling silver on top.

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