Energetic Protection Vibes Set 1

$ 330.00

What an incredible set!  Here is our Energetic Protection mantra:

“ I see feel and know with clarity to discern what is not mine to take on”

Why we put this set together: 

Giving yourself some extra protection and boundaries during the holiday is never a bad thing! This set of stones will help you embody and empower your highest energy protection by releasing the stress and confusion so that you don’t feel drained this holiday season. Helping you create boundaries and discernment, this set can help you see with a clear mind what is not yours to take on physically or energetically! This holiday should be for the greater good of all and not just what it works for others. Saying “no” is the biggest YES to yourself!

All pieces are sold together, no substitutions.  Be sure to select you metal finish and ring sizes below.

Check out our YouTube video with Molly explaining this set:



Manifest: Regal and upscale, this triple Azurite teardrop stone ring makes a statement in any room! This slightly adjustable hammered band is 1 1/2 inches long and each stone is 1/2 long. 

Inanna: Sexy and fun, these are the perfect earrings to dress up or dress down.  Hand wired teardrop hoop with organic Larimar stone detail.  Hoop with stone measure 2 inches long. Stones will vary is size, shape and coloring.

Awaken: Stunning and statement making, this Chariote stone ring is truly unique!  Each stone and coloring will be vary, but every one will stand out in a crowd! The stone will be at least 1 1/2 inches long and 3/4 wide.

Infinity: To Infinity and Beyond..... with this exceptional Azurite ring!!  Funky and comfortable, this ring slips on and is secured at the base and middle of your finger. The Azurite teardrops really put an elegant touch on our most popular ring silhouettes. Stones are 1/2 long. 

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