Energetic Protection Vibes Set 2

$ 163.00

What an incredible set!  Here is our Energetic Protection mantra:

“ I see feel and know with clarity to discern what is not mine to take on”

Why we put this set together: 

Giving yourself some extra protection and boundaries during the holiday is never a bad thing! This set of stones will help you embody and empower your highest energy protection by releasing the stress and confusion so that you don’t feel drained this holiday season. Helping you create boundaries and discernment, this set can help you see with a clear mind what is not yours to take on physically or energetically! This holiday should be for the greater good of all and not just what it works for others. Saying “no” is the biggest YES to yourself!

All pieces are sold together, no substitutions.  Be sure to select you metal finish and ring sizes below.

Checkout our YouTube video with Molly explaining this set:



Serenity: Beauty and elegance wrapped around your neck with this Kunzite stone wire choker necklace.  So lightweight, you are not going to know that you are wearing it!

Necklace is slightly adjustable and stone is approximately 3/4 inch around.  This raw exquisite Kunzite stone is organic and will vary in shape and color.  

Rise (garnet):  Swirly and wonderful, this carefree ring is lightweight and is ready to go wherever you want to go! 

This ring comes in two different stones, both are about 1/4 inch around.  Stones will vary is size, shape and coloring.

Torus:  Our go-to ring for everyday and every occasion!!  Sleek and stunning this hand wired ring will crawl up your finger with majesty!  Ring is 1.5 inches in length.

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