Robyn Rhodes Repair Services

$ 20.00
Choose Your Repair:
Advanced Repair - $20
Standard Repair - $10
Medium Status Repair- $15

Robyn Rhodes accepts returns for repairs that have been damaged due to user error or natural wear and tear within 14 days of delivery for a service repair fee of $10 + 3.95 for shipping. In some cases the shipping fee may be waved. NO DISCOUNT CODES MAY BE USED FOR REPAIRS. 

All other items submitted for repair beyond 14 days of delivery are subject to a service repair fee amounting to half the cost of the original payment made for the item. 

Please select the appropriate repair service as instructed by your customer service representative. 

Please also note: depending on the details of the repair needed on your item, turn around time may take up to 3 weeks. 

For questions or concerns regarding your Robyn Rhodes repair, please contact your customer service representative or e-mail

We are not responsible for packages that have been mis-delivered, or lost in the care of USPS. We highly recommend that you choose priority shipping when shipping your items to us for repair or return and be to be sure that you have insurance on your order in the event that USPS makes a mistake and we don't receive your package!