Strengthening Vibes Set 2

$ 130.00

What an incredible set! Here is our mantra for Strength:

” I am sacred sovereign and whole. I easily stand in my power”

Why we put this set together:

Giving you that extra strength and confidence this holiday you need to remember your worth and value, this set will root you into the body and help you stand your ground around those that may challenge or make you doubt yourself.  

Wear these pieces together to remind you that you are amazing just as you are and no matter what- you belong here! (And let yourself laugh a little bit as you look around knowing you survived this! ;)

All pieces are sold together, no substitutions.  Be sure to select you metal finish and ring sizes below.

Check out our YouTube video with Molly explaining this set:


 Rise (Larimar): Swirly and wonderful, this carefree ring is lightweight and is ready to go wherever you want to go!  Stone is about 1/4 inch around.  Stones will vary is size, shape and coloring.

Mintaka: Beautiful Larimar oval stone encased in a twisted wire band.  Stone is 1/2 around. Stones will vary is size, shape and coloring.

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