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Our top picks for gifts, all $150 and under!
A few of our top favorite items, all $50 and under!
Our top picks for gifts, all $75 and under!
This collection signifies my amazing journey for the last 20 years.  I started with my
no money, no job-- just a desire to make women feel confident, loved and connected with every piece I made with my own two hands.  I did not get here without my family, friends and 1,000's of loyal customers that have stuck by my side through thick and thin.  This collection is for you!
I always loved shapes and bright colors in my designs.  This collection has familiar stones and designs that you have seen throughout my body of my work. I chose Amethyst and Citrine to be the only 2 stones in the collection because they signify very important factors in my life.  Amethyst assists in the the relief from stress and anxiety that has ailed me for years, especially whilst running this business.  Citrine was chosen because its healing properties are powerful and abundant. More than anything, Citrine has allowed me to fully embrace my courage, confidence, success, and self-worth.
By promoting motivation and courage, these two crystals will help you get what you want and need.  These two stones help professionals get the guidance with decision making, which as business owner, I have had to make 1000’s of decisions over my 20 years in business. 
Thank you again for 20 years of keeping me inspired to raise the bar to produce unique items full of meaning and made with love.
Here's to hopefully another 20 years!

With a full heart, I would like to introduce you to our ASCEND 2020 COLLECTION. Through this pandemic and social upheaval, many of us have experienced all sorts of new and old emotions and I felt it was time to create a collection that encompasses all that we have been going through and more importantly, one that catered to our ability to get through these tough times and ASCEND above it all.

     Thank you again for all your support! I could not be here without the help from all of you.  I wish you all a safe and healthy Holiday season!




we love em' you love em'!
Want a gift that special person in your life wont take off?!  Here are our absolute best sellers, you cannot go wrong with any of these to give as gifts for your loved ones or even yourself!
Want to talk about the best pieces to make a statement!  Here are our absolute best sellers, you cannot go wrong with any of these to give as gifts for your loved ones or even yourself!
Want to talk about beautiful pieces that sparkle endlessly and are super affordable!  Here are our absolute best sellers, you cannot go wrong with any of these to give as gifts for your loved ones or even yourself!
Want to talk about stunners that you can dress up and dress down!  Here are our absolute best sellers, you cannot go wrong with any of these to give as gifts for your loved ones or even yourself!
Want to talk about easy peasy pieces to wear everyday alone, or layered up!  Here are our absolute best sellers, you cannot go wrong with any of these to give as gifts for your loved ones or even yourself!
All your bracelet needs are all here! Best selection of adjustable stone bracelets so you stack them up create your best arm party!
Sometimes starting a jewelry collection is DAUNTING, but we have eased the task by creating some incredible bundles to get you dazzling as you walk out the door!  We have put together pieces that you can wear all at once or one at a time!
What makes our earrings stand out is that they look heavy, but are super light-- it is the little things in life, right?!  We have an earring for every hole in your ear, so have a blast searching through our collections... and remember, you can adjust almost anything, so don't be shy if you want to change something when ordering!!
The Holidays are not easy!!  So we have put together 10 different sets that are going to help you stay cool, calm and collected through the rest of this year and beyond!  

Think of yourself as the
“Peaceful Warrior” when wearing any of these great 10 looks and with the specific mantras that go with them, you can get through anything this holiday season. You’ve got this and we’ve got you covered!

For Oct 16th all day only
The combinations of jewelry from this collection are limitless, just like you.  Fine gold and silver chains and organic metal encased stones.  Layer up or just wear a single piece.  You are a powerful goddess with style that has no boundaries.
The best styles for all your necklace needs.  Long, short, and multi-layered necklaces-- we have them all!  You can get creative and create your mulit-layered look or we have styles where the layering is done for you!  Have fun and get your sparkle on!
Perfect for the person that has everything!  Special personalized items for you or someone you love to wear everyday!!  
Please note these are all customized pieces and can take up to 3-4 weeks to ship.  These pieces are non-refundable and no exchanges will be accepted. 
Pulled from the archives, sample sales and non damaged returns these items are ready to ship so no time wasted waiting for your item to be made. Best affordable jewelry! Shop our favorite readymades at a fraction of the price. Items will ship within 48 hours of purchase!

Robyn was inspired to create this new line by all the hardships that go on in our daily lives as women whether it's in our career, personal relationships, or in our day-to-day lives. 

This line was created with healing stones in mind to help fend against experiences which could be overwhelming, to help us to maintain balance in our lives during difficult or stressful periods of time.

Adversity is a fact of life. Resilience is that ineffable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back at least as strong as before. Rather than letting difficulties or failure overcome them and drain their resolve, they find a way to rise from the ashes.  But even after misfortune, resilient people are able to change course and move toward achieving their goals. 

We as women are powerful creatures. We have the ability to go through some of the toughest times in life and rise above, like the phoenix, rising from the ashes of it's predecessor. 

We use stones to help heal and protect us against some of these difficulties in life. Using stones like amazonite for manifestation, turquoise for purification, or rose quartz to help with resentments can help us with greatly in our own lives.

Click here to read all stone descriptions for this collection. 

Best selection of very simple and crazy big stone rings!!  What makes our jewelry brand stand out is that you can almost design your rings!  We make every piece from scratch.  We offer adjustable and sized band rings.  If you like a stone but you want it on a different band, please let us know!  We can also send you pictures of stones if you want to choose what stone speaks to you!  Have fun and RING ON!
Shop our favorite items worn by Celebrities! 
Use code: RR20 for 20% off all this entire collection!



We are so excited to share our latest collaboration! We had the pleasure of creating this collection with Molly Douglas, founder of Lit From Within.  With Molly’s expertise in trauma therapy, extensive knowledge of the healing powers of stones, and her divine execution of guided meditation, I can honestly say this jewelry collection is like no other we have done before!  

In addition to being completely thought out from the stones, designs, where they are worn on the body, and even their style names, each purchase from this line will come with a custom digital meditation meant to be worn with your jewelry.  

The only real way to describe this is that with Molly's contribution, we go way beyond pretty and sparkly.... we created a line of jewelry that heals from the inside out!



The time has come to embody and live in your light! 

Crystals are embodied light that hold different high vibration frequencies. These rays of light run through Mother Earth like sacred veins. They represent the energy of the divine feminine. 

These stones have been intuitively chosen and named after archetypes and their attributes. These are parts of self that we are ready to reclaim and empower at this time in history as we move into a new era. 

Not only is this collection beautiful to wear, it was designed to help remind you of who you are at your core self and create reconnection back to Oneness and Earth consciousness. These pieces are your invitation to align your soul light within your temple body. 

It was important that these stones were cleared, cleansed, and charged with Reiki light energy to give them their highest vibration. This jewelry was also made to work with the body’s chakra system to enhance well-being and spiritual connection. 

We hope these temple body adornments make you feel empowered, inspired, create beauty, bring pleasure and connection but most of all, allow you to see, feel, and know yourself as sacred. 

As a special bonus, I would like to offer you 10% off all my programs.  Just use code IAMLIT.

Please visit:

With love and evolution,


For the big day or night, celebrate in style with our sparkling CZ collection! Designed with love in mind for you and yours.

Introducing  Our Transparency.

We want you to be you: beautiful, strong, powerful, raw. My new collection, "Transparency" is about being the woman who wakes up every morning with a "can-do" attitude, drinks her coffee black, and knows how to get sh*t done.

I chose these stones because they aid in revealing truth, heal that truth and more importantly, guide you past what is in the past to make you stronger than ever.  These pieces were created to give you strength to figure out how to move forward from what ails you.  The collection also incorporates lots of shapes, especially triangles.  Triangles are architecturally, the strongest shape, just like you!

I make every piece by hand with the intention of love, inner strength, and confidence.



For the bride, the maid or the ladies arriving in style, find your special event pieces here!  Classic silhouettes filled with hand faceted Mother of Pearl stones each unique in color and texture and available in gold, silver. 
 Interested in customizing your stone for the wedding party? Get in touch with our customer service team to begin building your own custom wedding pieces.